Dresden Files, St. Louis


After defeating the demonic monkey things, the group gathers itself and continues on to Charlie’s party.(minus a few small patches of clothing) At the party Wayne St. Wayne implies that he is watching the group and would like to speak to them in the near future. Then he takes his inspiration and exits scene. Charlie greets the group downstairs, but “where is Greer? She should have been right behind you!” And now our group is off to find Greer. As they go to retrace the missing woman’s path, our group hears a scream from in the Botanical Garden. IT’S GREER! Here we rush headlong into a hanged man and a much worse version of a winged demonic monkey thing. The Hanged man escaped unscathed and the monkey thing fled the scene after retrieving something from in the lake. Greer has been saved!


slowlane_ms slowlane_ms

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